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Courageous Vision

Establishing a permanent peace in the Middle East has proven to be a difficult and complicated undertaking. Today with the spread of violent confrontation and the lack of dialogue techniques , and beyond the difficult and sensitive modalities of peace making, the lingering effects of  more than six decades of occupation and disspossessing , fear, and distruct have added a meaningful obstacle to the peace process.

Because of all that Educational efforts must be intensified . Education has a meaningful and formative impact on Palestinian  identity and perceptions. We believe that education should be a tool to promote dicersity , tolerance , democracy teaching and human rights education to become a way of life .

As a resiult, the curriculum on both sides evokes cognitive and emotional reactions that reinforce adversarial attitudes.

Consequantly, the " knowledge" and perception of the other is often limited to selected a negative images, harmful stereotpyes and at best, a dementrial distroted understanding of the other's cultre and religion.

The ultimate success of peace will be depending on the capability of both ethnic groups to live and work together, not just side by side, but in close cooperation of amicable interaction and in mutual respect. Any attempt to establish a permanent peace in the middle east will have to address education as an influential factor, and this requires sensitive and flexible educational planning on both sides.

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