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Human Rights Education- Round Tables and Seminars

The project consists of series of 2-3 day T.O.T workshops, round tables organized in cooperation with local and international NGO's, and the school administrative bodies.
The training, workshops offer training in teaching methodologies on how to introduce Human Rights and Democracy concepts into primary, secondary school classrooms. Since 1991, more than 900 teachers from throughout the West Bank and Gaza have participated directly in this ongoing project. In addition to training teaching materials are distributed to educators.

Through this project, the foundation cooperates with international institution and teachers. Foundation representatives regularly participate at conference and seminars focused on human rights and civic education.

Educational Seminar:

Title and Place  and No. of participants

  • Role of DevelopmentKalandia Traning Center; UNRWA ; 90

  • Teaching through Communicative approachAl-Najah Univ; Al-Quds Univ Hebron Univ. ; 127

  • Data AnalysisRamallah ; 32

  • Rolw of Education in DemocracyJerusalem ; 187

  • Role of School in promoing Social CooperationCatholic School; Ramallah ; 85

  • Needs of Palestinian kindergartensGaza ; 68

  • What do drop- outs Cost PalestiniansRamallah ; 163

  • Violance Communications in SchoolsRamallah ; 175

  • Training of Trainers Workshop;HRESt. George School; Jerusalem ; 57

  • Training Session on: Implementing the Convention of the HR of the ChildCARE ; 43

  • Palestinian HR in the FutureRamallah ; 93

  • Towards Tax System that guarantees Social JusticeRamallah ; 103

  • Seven Human Rights round tables in seven different geographical areasNablus, Tulkarim, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Jenin, Hebron, & Gaza ; 318

  • Seven Human rights round tables in seven different geographical areasNablus, Tulkarim, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Jenin, Hebron, & Gaza ; 294

  • Democracy: its forms and shapesGraduates Union College; Hebron ; 149

  • Democracy : among the Palestinian People Ramallah ; 97

  • Islam and Human Rights Al-Najah Univ.; Nablus ; 150

  • Democracy and Islam and ChristianityLawyers Union; bethlehem

  • Training sessions for School Head Teachers: Democratization of School Administrations Ramallah; hebron; & Gaza ; 40, 49, 52

  • Freedom of Exression and DemocracyAl-Najah Univ.; Friend Society ; 77

  • Towards Implementing DemocracyAl-Shawa Center; Gaza ; 93

  • Human Rights and Democracy Red Cresent; Jenin ; 85

  • Islam and Education for Democracy Hebron Hebron ; 73

  • Celebrating the International Day of ToleranceJerusalem ; 90

  • Aspects of Democracy in Palestinian & Israeli TextbooksJerusalem ; 70

  • Pictures Talk , in cooperation with the ADAM Institute. July 2000. 90 schools participated in the project . Sponsored by people to people program – Norway.

  • Education for peace and tolerance, Ramalleh –Nablus-Jenin -1600 students. February –September 2001 Sponsored by Hanz ziedel .

  • Al-Nakba in the Palestinian Textbooks :- workshop. 18\5\2001 Ramalleh: workshop 50 participants.

  • Freedom of Expression: Anti- Incitement Training workshop-Ramallah ,35 schools principals 24\11\2000-16\3\2001.sponsoral by the British counsel\Jerusalem.

  • Training of Trainers workshops in the question of the Right of Return. 7 workshops-Ramallah,JeninTulkarm,Nablus,Heebron,Bethlehm & Jericho.265 teachers December 2003 –April 2004.

  • Training in Library skills for Palestinian librarians in schools. In cooperation with CET, 15\11\2001-3\2\2002, 20 Participants.

  • Coping with violence Training workshops for educational Councilors, sponsored by Hanz ziedel ,35 teachers.

  • Folkloer in Jerusalem, in cooperation with the Institute for the study of Religions and communities sponsored by the Embassy of U.S.A . 38 Teachers from Jenin, Nablus & Hebron 1999-2000.

  • Training in Democracy for preschool teachers in Nablus area, August 2002, sponsoral by the German Representative office, Ramallah , 45 teachers.

  • 10 -Dialogue in conflict Resolution Training seminar for Representative of students councils from Palestinian Universities,67 participants sponsoral by NCA. Held in Nablus, Ramallah & Hebron.

  • Training in Conflict Resolution for students councils in Palestinian Universities in cooperation with Tawasul sponsored by the USIP .60 Participants . Held in Nablus, Ramallah, Hebron.

  • Jerusalem in Palestinian Textbooks seminar July 1997, 129 teachers, Ramalleh.

  • Stereotyping & Preconception in Israeli and Palestinian textbooks workshop, July 2000, Ramallah.

  • The Three Faiths of Abraham : Educational game for students . 10,000copies Sponsored by the USIP.

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